Pic of the Day: Orchestra Concert

At North View Middle School we believe that learning should challenging, explorative and relevant. Because of this belief, we provide students with experiences in areas beyond the core subjects. These classes can reveal skill sets students that might not be obvious in their other classes, helping them see their strengths and affording them opportunities to be of value to their classmates. One of these course offerings is Orchestra. Pictured below is Ms. Knapp conducting our recent concert.

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Pic of the Day: Literacy O’ Lantern

At North View Middle School we recognize the fundamental importance of literacy to expanding life opportunities for our students. As a result of this understanding, we work diligently to ensure that literacy is alive in our building and in our student’s lives inside and outside of the school day. Because of this belief, we make every attempt to get students and their families engaged in our literacy engagement opportunities. 

This year for example, our school hosted our first “Literacy-O-Lanternsevent in our Media Center for students and their families to enjoy during parent-teacher conferences last night. Armed with Sharpies and a pumpkin, hand picked by one of our Reading Teachers, they were able to decorate the pumpkins with characters from a children’s book or their imagination. This year’s event will conclude with an opportunity for our students to continue their work after school on Tuesday. 

Our ultimate goal is to foster a genuine love of reading within our school communities, and to get kids talking about their favorite books. Our hope is that events like these will provide them with an opportunity to become avid readers. 

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Collaborative Planning at NVMS

At North View Middle School we believe our best work is done collaboratively, including our time together in professional discussion. As part of the Site Improvement Plan, each week the English Language Arts(ELA), Social Studies, Science, English Language Learner(EL) and Special Education teachers from each house engage in a collaborative inquiry cycle around literacy standards. Teams work closely with the Literacy Coordinator, IB Coordinator and Differentiation Coach.

During this work, teams asses students to find out what they already know about a specific reading standard, share strategies for teaching the standard, plan how they will teach it and reflect on student learning. This is done to ensure that all students are appropriately supported and challenged.

This trimester each grade level has been focused on narrative writing. The ELA teachers began by pre-assessing student’s narrative writing ability by providing them an opportunity to write without interruption on a topic of their choice. This was followed by a review of student work and will continue with work to plan instruction in each content area around writing. Students will then be given a post-assessment during December to track their growth.

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Pic of the day: Honor Roll Breakfast

At North View Middle School we believe in honoring students who are committed to going above and beyond our expectations.  We do this in many ways and today we provide an honor roll breakfast for our students. Below is a picture of some of our honor roll recipients.

Honor Roll Breakfast

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The iPads are Here!


At North View Middle School(NVMS) we believe that teaching and learning approaches should accommodate the diverse skills, abilities, and prior knowledge of young adolescents, cultivate multiple intelligences, draw upon students’ individual learning styles, and utilize digital tools. When learning experiences capitalize on students’ cultural, experiential, and personal backgrounds, new concepts are built on knowledge students already possess. One of the ways to do this is by integrating technology into students’ educational experience. With the use of iPad technology we are able to enhance learning and instruction; use the Schoology learning management system for communication and collaboration; and expanded online learning options for students.

With the addition of the iPads to a school community many worry about the misuse that can come with such a devise. Because of this concern NVMS takes a proactive approach to the management of the iPads.

For example we:

  • Held a parent meeting in September to help parents understand our deployment plan, student expectations and consequences associated with misuse.
  • The district internet filters have been updated so that the following nuisance sites are blocked during the school day: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram.
  • A full time tech support ESP is present in the building. Her work primarily involves repairing the iPads, and assisting with the monitoring of inappropriate use.
  • The ability to download unauthorized apps has been removed because student iPads are no longer associated with Apple IDs.
  • With the help of our tech ESP, we take “Big Brother” approach by monitoring student activity and sending out reminders and updates for students.
  • Our deployment process provided for time to teach expectation lessons associated with the appropriate use of student iPads in advisory. View the video below to learn more about the appropriate use guidelines.

My hope is that with these proactive measures in place, our students will be equipped to fully engage with this powerful learning tool. If you have any questions about the digital learning initiative at NVMS please connect with me by filling out the form below.



In Case You Missed It: Service Learning

Project Linus

At North View Middle School, we believe in genuine community involvement is a fundamental component of successful schools for young adolescents. I believe that schools should seek appropriate partnerships with businesses, social service agencies, and other organizations whose purposes are consistent with the school’s mission.

Because of this belief, our school partnered with the Project Linus this year to engage in a whole school  service learning project.


Students were provided with an opportunity to make blankets, using supplies donated by staff, for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  A blanket making station was set up in our cafeteria during all three lunches.  Students, along with interested staff, had the opportunity to work in the area before or after they ate and contribute to a blanket.  Included below is a slide showwith pictures of our school community’s experience with the project.

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I would love to hear from you!

Contents for this blog posting were provided by Demyko Jackson, summer school coordinator.

We are so excited about the amazing start we’ve had here at Summer Knights. These past few weeks students have been making new friends and enjoying new experiences. Each day every student participates in an interactive science, social studies and reading class. Students also participate in two elective classes that they have chosen. Elective classes include: Art, Cooking/Gardening, Bucket Drumming, Digital Music Production, Young Men Mentors, and Teen Annex Leadership. Students also have the option of participating in either Phy Ed, Open Gym Basketball or Hip Hop Zumba class each day. Each week you will receive an email with highlights from our program and information you may need to know about up and coming events. You can also follow us on Facebook, so you can see what your kiddos are up to throughout the day.

Thank you for choosing Summer knights!

~Summer Knights Team

CLASS HIGHLIGHT: This week in Art class, students used the internet to find an inspirational quote that meant something to them and others created their own. They then turned their quote into art by creating a Sidewalk Chalk Mural. Here are pics of just a few!


  • Thursday, July 6th , Summer Knights will spend the day at the Maple Grove Community Center.  Students who would like to swim may bring their swim suits and towels, and a bag for their wet clothes. Bag lunches will be provided, but students may bring money for concession stands.


  • Summer Knights will be closed on Monday, July 3rd and Tuesday, July 4th for the holiday. We will resume programming on Wednesday, July 5th.
  • Summer Attendance: Please be mindful of our summer attendance policy. If your child is absent, please call or email Program Facilitators no later than the day of to ensure an excused absence.  If your family is taking a vacation, please let Program Facilitators know at least one week prior to the leave.

Attendance Line: (763) 585-7260 or email jacksondemyko@district279.org .



Program Contact Information:  North View Middle School’s Main Office (763)585-7200

*Please Note: The fastest communication during the summer is through email.

Student Concerns

Behavior `Concerns


General Program Information

Mr. Oliver    Phone: (763) 585-7260

                       Email: oliverj@district279.org


Ms. Jackson Email: jacksondemyko@district279.org


Health/Medication Concerns

Nurse Hyde   Direct Phone: (763) 585-7206

Message Line: (763) 612-356-6588

Email: hydep@district279.org


Last week’s Field trip Pics: MALL OF AMERICA


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