Flexible Learning at NVMS

At North View Middle School we believe that using the distinctive nature of young adolescents as the foundation upon which all decisions about school organization, policies, curriculum, instruction, and assessment are made is crucial to their success. One of such decision that was made this year was to offer flexible seating options to our students. 

Room 119 is one of North View Middle School’s flexible seating classrooms. It was designed with the assistance of our Student Ambassador’s and their advisor, Ann Dale. The seating includes tables, standing desks, high top tables, stability ball chairs, wobble chairs, tall stools, Big Joe chairs, a sofa and chairs with attached writing surfaces, and lamps. Why flexible seating?

Flexible seating classrooms are empowering.They allow students to choose they type of seating that works best for them, they promote community through choice, and make learning fun. The seating choices allow students to rock, bounce, and wobble while learning. When students were asked how this classroom makes them feel while they are in the learning environment, their response was it is more comfortable, it is a welcoming environment, it makes them feel less stressed, it is safe, and it has better seating choices.

If you have any questions about this or anything else related to North View Middle School please connect with me here or follow me at @NVMSPrincipal. 

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