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One thought on “Your Invited!

  1. Thank you Principal Bledsoe for your open door policy when it comes to parental involvement with our child’s education. I feel with active parental participation, we not only get a feel of our students progress, we can get in touch with our community as well. Each parent has ideas to make our schools stronger. By creating a forum in which parents can share those ideas is crucial for the advancement of our local educational system.

    We may lack the money that other school districts have, but what we dont lack is the love and care for our students progress and ensuring that they reach their potential to be quality citizens and help them dream big to reach their own individual and educational goals.

    My family is committed to our children’s education. College is an expectation in my family that i feel is attainable for each of my children, with your guidance and assistance. I believe in the teachers and I believe that you, Mrs. Bledsoe, can make a difference to make Northview middle school a diamond in the rough. “Light one candle and curse the darkness”. Lighting the proverbial candle in the hearts and minds of our students will not only help our students, it will help our community. Getting each child to believe in their own ability is a daunting task, but one that after meeting with you, i am convinced is a possibility. Each child is limited only by what they can dream. Thank you, and all the staff for taking on this challenge.


    Joe Shah, proud parent of Teresa Shah


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