In House Field Trip



At North View Middle School we believe that students learn best when involved in active and purposeful learning opportunities. To ensure this happens, we use the nature of young adolescents to guide our instructional decision making. Because of this belief, we invited the National Theatre for Children to our building on Friday, September 23rd and our students engaged in an in-house field trip. The play centered around two ideas that will be studied in many of our science classrooms this year. The first being the key concept “Change” and the second, the debatable question of:To what extent does human activity have on matter transformations in nature?”  


During the 45 minute skit, our students learned about living green, saving energy, and preparing to be future leaders of our world. Student’s engaged with the content in a fun, interactive, and enriching format. Teacher’s comments about the play were, “I thought it went well and was engaging for our students!” “I loved the humor and the way it was personalized towards our students!” “It was wonderful and we should have them back!”

Click here for more information about the National Theatre for Children!

We can’t wait to have them back!

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