Stakeholder Survey Results


Throughout the year North View Middle School students and families participated in several surveys to gain feedback on our school culture and student engagement. There were three surveys administered: the parent stakeholder survey, North View student engagement survey, and the North View grades 7-8 trend report. The questions fell in several different sub categories including: strategic outcomes, teaching and learning, classroom respect, communication, student support, adult trust, belonging, help for parents, and lifelong learning. The results from this survey were then compared to the results from the same survey at North View in 2014 and the results from other schools in our district.  


First are the key findings from the Parent Stakeholder Survey.  Overall, North View had similar results to district averages in many subcategories. Though we did stand out in some very important areas. Listed below are several highlights from the survey where North View parents had a higher percentage rating than the district average or averages from 2014:

  • We have more families that believe their son/daughter has clear dreams or visions for his/her future
  • We have a higher percentage of families who believe that someone who works with their son/daughter at school has helped him/her to set goals so he/she can get closer to achieving his/her dreams
  • Our families believe that teachers at North View help their students be creative and innovative
  • We also have more parents that believe all students from different cultures get along well together
  • Our families also believe that their student gains skills in critical thinking and using information and technology
  • Our families also felt that NV keeps them informed about school improvements, events/activities and other important information
  • Many families felt that their son/daughter feels that he/she can do well in school
  • And finally, when surveyed, 100% of our families expect their son/daughter to go to college


student engagement

Next are the highlights from the Student Engagement Survey in Grades 6-8. Again North View had very similar results to district averages. However, there are several key areas to note where we stand out:

  • North View had high positive percentages in both students feeling like they learned a lot every day and their teachers asking questions to make sure students are listening and engaging with the material
  • We were also high in students feeling like teachers have several good ways to explain each topic
  • Students also feel that their teachers tell them what they are learning each day and explain why they are learning it
  • Another area of high positive percentages were students feeling like their teachers believe they can learn, believe they can be successful, expecting the students to work hard, and not letting the students give up
  • And finally, students rated positively when saying that their teachers want them to use their thinking skills, not just memorizing skills

Finally, I would like to share the results from the North View Middle School Grades 7-8 Trend Report. In this report, North View again had similar results with district averages. However there are even more areas to highlight that represent a significant increase compared to other schools in our district. Those increases include:

  • Our Hispanic, biracial, and special education students had significant increases in feeling as if they can set goals and achieve their dreams
  • There were significant increases from Asians, Hispanics, white students, biracial students, free and reduced lunch, and special education students in feeling like they are treated with respect and that students from different cultures get along well together
  • We also had significant growth for our Hispanic, black, white, biracial, and free and reduced lunch students in feeling comfortable to share their thoughts and ideas as well as having a sense of belonging within the school



After analyzing the survey data and celebrating our strengths and areas of advancement, it is also important to note areas where we can improve our school culture and student engagement. Below are areas where our students are asking for their teachers to change their practices to help them create a better educational experience. As we plan for the next school year, these will be at the forefront:

  • We saw a decrease in our black students feeling that there was someone to help them identify their dreams and set goals to achieve them
  • There was also a decrease in our Asian, black, ELL, and free and reduced lunch students feeling as if their teachers listened to them carefully
  • Finally, we saw a decrease in our black and white students saying they have access to technology that they need for school work and that they learn a lot when they do class work online

This school year North View saw many changes due to the grade span reconfiguration and this has made for an exciting, yet developing school year. We have worked relentlessly to create a culturally relevant and digital learning environment that meets the needs of all students. However we are not quite where we want to be. We will continue to work with our staff to create a  positive school climate and culture, and have high student engagement within our classroom.

Contents for this blog posting were provided by Stephanie Kortan, a North View Middle School’s English Language teacher.

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