Core 2025



North View Middle School is excited to share that several of our 8th grade students have been accepted into the CORE 2025 program through the University of Minnesota! CORE stands for Community Outreach, Retention, and Engagement through the Equity and Diversity department at the University of Minnesota. The number 2025 is the expected college graduation year for our current 8th grade class at North View.

What exactly is this program?

CORE 2025 is an outreach program that is focused on building a high number of academically prepared, college-ready multicultural students from local twin cities communities. Their vision is to ensure Minnesota students from historically underrepresented and under-served backgrounds graduate from the University by 2025. By being accepted into this program, students will receive many free benefits from the University of Minnesota. Some of these benefits include: four 3-hour campus visits to the University each year, various college and career readiness activities, a free online college preparation program called OnTrack, a personal mentor through all four years of high school, college counseling and personal development seminars, a free ACT prep course, and many other opportunities.

Interested in joining this cohort of CORE 2025?

The application process to apply and be accepted into this program has been extended through July 2016. The orientation night has already occurred, however the program does not officially begin until August 2016. Starting in August, students will be set up with their college mentor, create their online OnTrack profile to ensure that they graduate high school in four years, get their first official University tour with a football and/or basketball game tickets, and gain access to counselors and teachers who will be available to answer any questions or concerns that students may have during high school registration. This is an amazing and FREE opportunity for any student that wants support, guidance through their high school years, and assistance in applying to be admitted into college. Click on the link here, then click on APPLY NOW. It is a quick application process for a wonderful opportunity.

Congrats to those already accepted! Now let’s get more North View students into the program!

Contents for this blog posting were provided by Stephanie Kortan, a North View Middle School’s English Language teacher.

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