Advancement Via Individual Determination


At North View Middle School we believe that providing challenging and relevant learning opportunities is the key to our students’ success in middle school and beyond. Because of this belief we are excited to offer an AVID exploratory course for 6th grade students next year.  The exploratory course is designed to support students who are in the academic middle on their path to college.  This course is an optional class that 6th grade students can apply to enter.  The AVID program will continue to support these students and prepare them for college as they move on through middle school and high school.  Key components of the AVID Elective course are:

  • Skill development in the areas of Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading
  • Expectations of taking rigorous courses
  • The opportunity to be tutored by college mentors
  • Tutorial activities designed to support students with challenging classwork
  • Exposure to a college-going culture through guest speakers, college visits, college tutors, etc.

For more information, please visit, and feel free to reach out to Lara Woyno, school counselor, at 763-585-7213.

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