International Baccalaureate Programming Evaluation



North View Middle School recently had an evaluation visit of the International Baccalaureate(IB) Middle Years Program by a group from IB. The evaluation process that IB uses is intended to give schools a thorough understanding of their areas for growth and their strengths. In preparation of the site visit, North View and Park Center had undergone a self-assessment of all of the standards required to be an IB school. The staff at both schools showed that they were aware of what our IB programs strengths and weakness are. The team from IB took three days to visit classrooms, tour each school and speak with students, teachers, administration, and parents. Their findings matched very closely with what our own self-assessment had told us.

In the coming weeks we will be getting a formal report from IB stating our areas for growth and our strengths. Both North View and Park Center will create an action plan related to any of the areas of growth. We are very confident that we will be able to respond to any feedback that our evaluation report gives our school and we will be sharing more information with you when we get our report back from IB in the coming weeks. If you ever have any questions about our IB program at North View, please feel free to contact Kurt Carlson, our IB Coordinator at North View. He can be reached at 763-585-7227 or by email at .

Contents for this blog posting were provided by Kurt Carlson, North View Middle School’s IB Coordinator


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