In case you missed it.

At North View Middle School we believe that no significant learning can occur without a significant relationship. Because of this belief we spend a considerable amount of time building community with our building stakeholders. Our hope is that through this work we will make real connections with our school community to develop a positive school climate and culture that is supportive of all its members.

Whether it is through our trimester assemblies where the purpose is to recognize each other, build community and re-teach expectations. 


By administrators being “head over heels” to honor groups of students that create and attain classroom goals like being on-time, dressed and successful during the building’s swimming unit. 

Or at our annual Black History Celebration night. Where we put our student and staff talents on display.

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A star is born!


Or during or most recent 6th grade field trip. Where our students explored the concepts of force and motion in action.

Our students are at the center of everything we do . Please consider joining us at any of our upcoming events.

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