Testing Questionnaire



At North View Middle School we believe that an education for young adolescents must be developmentally responsive, recognizes that every student can learn and everyone is held to a high standard. To monitor our success at this goal and advance our students’ learning we use varied and ongoing assessments. One of measurement devices we use is the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment(MCA) test. The MCA test is used to find out how well our curriculum is aligned to the state standards and how well our students are instructed to those standards, specifically in reading, mathematics, and science.



We look for areas where our students do well so we can reinforce the ways we teach these skills and also look for areas that need improvement, so we can modify our instruction. Our testing season will begin late March with the eighth grade science test and will continue throughout the spring in all three grades in the areas of reading and math. To ensure that our students experience an assessment environment that is supportive of all we would like your input. The link below will direct you to a survey that will allow you to provide us with information on how we can best support your student during testing situations.


Click here to be taken to the parent survey. 




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