International Baccalaureate Programming


At North View Middle School, we believe that the International Baccalaureate programming(IB) and framework for the middle years not only provides an excellent framework to deliver our curriculum, it also supports educating the whole child.

Components of the IB Middle Years Program work toward educating children about themselves and the community they live in. The IB learner profile traits are a set of 10 characteristics that teachers use in their classrooms to make connections with students and to recognize students when they demonstrate these traits. Descriptions of the traits can be found here. Service is another component of the IB program that is expected of students at North View. Each year, students are expected to engage in at least 15 hours of service to their community and record their activities in our ManageBac system.

Teachers also use this service component within their classrooms to help connect their curriculum to the world outside of the schools walls. We encourage all students to contribute to their community, whether it’s their local community or global community. One example of connecting the real world to students is by partnering with organizations such as H2O For Life. This non-profit organization puts schools in contact with communities in developing countries that have a water need. This year we have partnered with a school in Kenya.

We have set the goal of raising $1500 to help this community construct a water catchment system and a bathroom facility at their local school. Students have already raised over $450 in a “Penny War” competition through our advisory period. If you are interested in contributing to our project you can do so by clicking on this link.

If you have further questions about the IB program please feel free to contact North View’s IB Coordinator, Kurt Carlson at or 763-585-7227. Further information about IB can also be found by reading this frequently asked questions document.

Contents for this blog posting were provided by Kurt Carlson, North View Middle School’s IB Coordinator


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