Collaborative Professional Development

At North View Middle School we believe our best work is done collaboratively, including our professional development. As part of the Site Improvement Plan, each week the English/Language Arts, Humanities, Science, and Special Education teachers from each house engage in a collaborative inquiry cycle around literacy standards.  Teams work closely with the Literacy Coordinator and Differentiation Coach.  During this work, teams asses students to find out what they already know about a specific reading standard, share strategies for teaching the standard, plan how they will teach it ensuring that all students are appropriately supported and challenged, carry out the plan, asses students again, and reflect on student learning.

The 8th grade house has been focused on text features.  They began by pre-assessing students’ understanding of what text features are and how they are used.  Both teachers and students analyzed the data.  

Students answered inquiry questions about the pre-assessment data on large sheets of paper around the room.  This is called a Gallery Walk.

The team planned a lesson about how referring to text features helps readers better understand what they are reading. This lesson was taught by the Humanities teacher and reinforced in the other content areas. The lesson included elements of differentiation to provide both support and extension of learning.  For students to apply what they learned, they used an app on their iPads called Adobe Voice to create their own “think aloud” about text features found in their textbook.   The other teachers on the team then followed up with the lesson in their own classes by using the Think Aloud and Text Feature Walk strategies so students could see how text features are used in different content areas.  Students will be given a post-assessment during December to track their growth.

Take a look at the final products created by some of our very own North View middle schoolers.


Contents for this blog posting were provided by Sarah Schmidt, North View Middle School’s Differentiation Coach

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